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There are times in life when it is helpful to have a phone call with a knowledgeable lawyer, but accessing an excellent lawyer quickly can be hard. It doesn’t have to be. Easily schedule and book your 30-minute or 1-hour virtual consultation with a top-rated New York employment and commercial disputes attorney through our online booking system, and rest a little more soundly. We will actively listen to your concerns and provide helpful legal insight. A little advice can go a long way toward preventing costly mistakes and expanding your business opportunities. This service is for individuals and companies in need of advice related to employment and commercial matters, non-competition agreements, separation and severance agreements, trade secrets, non-solicitation, contract interpretation, confidentiality agreements, and executive compensation packages.

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Legal Consultation Special Pricing – New Client Discount

When you book online, you receive a special discount. Our advice is valuable. Don’t hesitate. When you have a gut-pang about a potential legal issue, the best thing you can do for yourself is address it with sound expert advice.

Discounted 30-minute phone consultation |$250

Discounted 1-hour phone consultation | $450

Employment Contracts Review Package (4 hours)| $2,400

The Employment Contracts Review Package is recommended for individuals, employees, directors, executives, and companies who need evaluation of their existing and/or proposed employment contracts such as non-competition agreements, executive compensation packages, severance and separation agreements, confidentiality agreements, and trade secret and intellectual property agreements. This service entails a combined 4 total hours of contract(s) review, analysis, negotiation, strategy, modifications, and phone calls by and with a top-notch attorney.